Cambridge Gas Services Ltd

We install new gas fires.

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“I've been very happy with Cambridge Gas Services Ltd (otherwise known as David Mills). He's an ex British Gas guy and seems to know his stuff. When we had a problem with our cooker last year he was the only person I found who was happy to have a quick look to see if he could fix it, without demanding a £100 call out fee."

“Very happy with Dave Mills aka Cambridge Gas Services Ltd. He fixed a 15 year old cooker when most others didn’t want to touch it (they were just interested in installing new cookers) or wanted to charge a fortune just to look at the cooker with no guarantees of repair. Dave was very efficient and within 5 minutes of seeing the cooker had identified the problem and checked that spares were still available. Two days later the problem was fixed and he had also sorted out a minor problem with the hob top as well. Id say that his call out charge rate is similar to others, but Im very happy with what I got for it.”

“I have used this Company too for servicing my own boiler and also that of our local village hall that I am responsible for. Very reliable”